Welcome to Dar Al Ilm

Dar Al Ilm Academy is a fictional Islamic boarding school for boys set near the coastal town of Hastings. The school is divided into four Houses that compete against each other, each named after eminent and esteemed Muslim scholars from the past; Ibn Kathir, Ibn Majah, Ibn Ajeroom and Abu Hanifa.

The Houses take centre-stage when it comes to living and learning for the boys’ community. Each House has a group of boys from different years that share the same dormitory wing. Throughout the year the boys gain House Points which are amassed over various activities from class work and homework to sports; for every good deed is rewarded. The House with the most points wins the House Cup and it is from the winning House that the Year Captain is chosen.

The Four Houses of Dar Al Im

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The House of Abu Hanifa 

The House of Abu Hanifa is named after one of the four ‘Great Imams’, Nu’man ibn Thabit ibn Zuta ibn Mahan (80AH-150AH), who is better known by his kunya or nickname, of Imam Abu Hanifa. He was born in 80 AH in Iraq where he lived, grew up and studied.

Imam Abu Hanifa was renowned for his exceptional intellect, skills in debate, scrupulousness, personal integrity and bravery. He was most famous for being a scholar of fiqh, the science of Islamic jurisprudence.

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The House of Ibn Majah

The House of Ibn Majah is named after Abu Abdallah Muhammad ibn Yazid ibn Majah al-Rabi al-Qazwini, otherwise referred to as Ibn Majah. He was a scholar of hadith, which are the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He was born in the year 209 AH in the town of Qazwin, not far from today's Tehran. Ibn Majah studied from a great number of teachers and travelled widely in his quest to acquire knowledge through many different lands including Basra, Baghdad, Syria, Cairo and the Hijaz.

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The House of Ibn Kathir

The House of Ibn Kathir is named after Imad Ad-Din Ismail ibn Umar ibn Kathir Al-Quraishi Al-Busrawi (701AH-774 AH), otherwise known as Imam Ibn Kathir. He was born in the year 701 AH in the city of Busra. He was known for his remarkable memory, clear and profound understanding of the Qur'an, and superior grasp of the Arabic language.

Imam Ibn Kathir is best remembered for is his four volume Tafsir of Al-Qur'an – a commentary and explanation of the divine revelation. It is a book that has been taught and relied upon by generations of Islamic scholars and their students.

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The House of Ibn Ajeroom

The House of Ibn Ajeroom is named after Abu 'Abdillah Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Daawud as-Sanhaajee, who was known as Ibn Ajeroom. He was an Islamic jurist, a mathematician, an expert in the field of Arabic grammar and syntax and he had vast knowledge of other sciences including tajweed.

He was born in the year 672 AH in Fez, Morocco. He grew up and studied there for some time until he desired to perform pilgrimage to Makkah. During his stay in Makkah he authored his most famous work 'the Ajroomiya', which became the standard text for students of Arabic grammar.