Meet the Characters



Assalamu alaikum, my name is Yusif Abdur-Raheem. When my parents told me that I was going away to a boarding school, it came as a huge shock! With all the new faces and surroundings – I don’t mind admitting I was a bit scared of starting my new school. But now that I am here, things aren’t so bad after all. The teachers are great, mashallah, and I've made some good friends.

One of my ambitions at the school is to try to memorise the Qur’an, inshallah. I know it’s not going to be easy - lessons start early straight after fajr prayer. I’d better make sure that I get an early night sleep… which is not easy when you share a room with three other boys who have a lot to say!



Assalamu alaikum! My name is Warsoma Ghalib. My family are originally from Somalia and I have four brothers and two sisters. I’m one of the youngest in the family, so I often get teased by my older brothers, but it’s all fun really.

I’ve been at Dar Al Ilm since little school, so I know the place pretty well. My favourite subjects are science, maths, history ... well most subjects actually! But there’s one lesson I hate and could really do without – PE!  



Assalamu alaikum, my name is Reda Hussein, and I love sports. Since I’ve been at Dar Al Ilm I’ve been captain of the football team, opening batsman at cricket matches, and I’ve even picked up a bow and arrow in Lower Fields during junior archery lessons.

But the thing I love most of all is the inter-house matches. It was the best day when I found out I was in the House of Ibn Kathir. So, I'm going to do my best to make sure we come out on top in the House competitions, inshallah!



Assalamu alaikum! My name is Daud Llewellyn-Jones and I come from a town in West Wales. I love maths and astronomy. My father has big telescope at our home, and I love looking at the planets and constellations. It was the love of astronomy that led my father to find Islam.

I don’t get much time to look at the stars any more when I’m at school. I’ve got a jam-packed timetable to get through and I’m still working hard on my tajweed class - not my best subject, but Ustad Ibrahim says I’m getting better every day ...