About the Author: S N Jalali


Nazia Jalali writing as S N Jalali is a Children's author whose debut novel, The House Of Ibn Kathir – The Competition Begins, was published in 2013 by Blackstone House Publications, an Independent Publishing House. The book has been sold across five continents. It is written for older Muslim children (free readers aged 10+) and introduces a unique genre that aspires to reconnect youngsters through a literary contribution to their rich Islamic heritage and values.

S N Jalali was born in London, UK, but much of her childhood was spent growing up in South Wales, although she returned to London for university studies. After completion of her degree in 1998 with a BA (hons) in Architecture she married and continues to reside in London. She has travelled widely around the Muslim world and as well as her children’s writing has worked as a scriptwriter and presenter for various programmes on the Islam Channel.

Reviews for S N Jalali’s work

“It was admirable to see small anecdotes of Islamic personalities pop up every so often, particularly from the characters, highlighting the importance for our sons and brothers to look up to these great men as positive role models...
It’s beautiful to see how each of the characters has a weakness that is strengthened by the time we reach the end of the story. The House of Ibn Kathir is a story of leadership and forgiveness, where the meaning of friendship and brotherhood is discovered.”
— SISTERS Magazine

Book review by Islam channel, UK Sky 727

“A story of friendship and forgiveness, The House of Ibn Kathir is enjoyable and engaging, with a hint of mystery and a lot of fun ... S.N Jalali has truly created some remarkable characters that I would love to read about further.”
— Read Little Muslims
“The story teaches us about sincerity and integrity, the two crucial characteristics of a strong believer.”
— Aaila - The Muslim Family Magazine